Parfums Jean Jacques Vivier


     Founded in 1984, the company Jean Jacques Vivier designs, develops and produces a wide range of perfumes sold on the 5 continents, bringing the elegance and the refinement of French perfumery everywhere in the world.


     With over 30 years of expertise in the manufacture of high quality perfumes, Jean Jacques Vivier company is decidedly one of the leaders on the perfumery worldwide market.

Its human-sized team allows it to be attentive to each customer, and thus offer trendy products, in line with each market expectations. 


     Each perfume has its own olfactory world, and we develop these worlds with the most famous perfumers in Grasse, France,  to provide only unique fragrances to our clients. 
     Parfums Jean Jacques Vivier company invite you to discover their knowledge and their expertise through their trademarks : Cindy C., Giorgio Monti, Karl Antony, Tom Ross, or 10th Avenue, of which all products are assembled and manufactured in our factory located at 165 km from Paris, in the city of LIOMER (France).


We constantly launch new perfumes to provide to our customers the products that will build their success.



Parfums Jean Jacques Vivier