Be Wild

Modernity and sensuality : Be Wild is a masculine perfume as we love them! Between lemon, ginger and cardamom, the head notes will awake your senses. After this freshness, Be Wild reveals little by little its woody and elegant sensual background. For today's men, dynamic and always classy.

Close to You

The modern and dynamic design of "Close to You" for men is a wonderful glass object for a refined and intense fragrance.

At the same time refreshing and masculine, this perfume with tobacco and lavender hints reveals step by step a strong personnality thanks to the Sandalwood, and Balsamic.

Choose Me

An elegant, uncluttered and refined bottle : Parfums JJV introduce you one of their novelties from last new brand : "Choose Me" for women, by "Tom Ross".

Bravely rock and impish, "Choose Me" for women fragrance, is an ode to the modern woman : Fruity, Oriental and Candy-flavored.

Choose Me

The strength of the bottle of "Choose Me" for men reflects the strength of its fragrance.

Between power and candy flavor, the irresistible fragrance of this new born from "Tom Ross" brand will suit perfectly seductive men.


Close to You

The facetted bottle of "Close to You" for women, its gold matte cap, and its delicate pendant create an universe of intense feminity.

The fragrance created by Parfums JJV is in the same time, classical, soft and fruity.

For women with great taste ...

Black Steel

Looking for an intense, powerful perfume, a true seductive asset ? Then Black Steel is made for you! With this new masculine perfume, 10th Avenue offers men a concentrate of sophistication and sensuality. After a fresh and fruity start, the lavender and the orange blossom bring elegant nuances to reveal a very warm background of wood and tonka bean.


Our perfume Designer, the brand new product from 10th Avenue, has been designed for a casual and modern man, looking for both power and freshness. The citrus notes mingle with the accents of mint, revealing a fresh fragrance gradually strengthened by sensual woody notes. The icy blue bottle reflects this freshness, and the leather on the cap brings all the elegance to this masculine. A "Must Have" 2017!

Uge pour homme

Power, boldness, virility, these are the key words of the Uge for Men. Parfums Jean Jacques Vivier offer you an explosive fragrance, a true concentrate of masculinity in a hyper virile and mysterious glass bottle, made of shades of matt and shiny black. In the top note we find black pepper, citrus and chilli, then the heart opens on warm spices notes like cinnamon, saffron or cumin. Uge for Men will leave in your wake notes of vanilla and exotic woods, addictive and seductive oriental accents.

C by Cindy C

Cindy C reveals in 2017 the quintessence of the brand: the "C by Cindy C". True invitation to happiness, these two luminous creations of Parfums Jean Jacques Vivier represent femininity in all its glory. Available in two versions, the C by Cindy C offers women a universe of sweetness and romance with the Pink version, or a universe of sensuality and passion with the Black version. Ladies, you will certainly find your happiness with one of these creations.

Pink Stone

The fragrance for women Pink Stone is a real “good-mood cocktail” ! Thanks to its fruity and floral notes, this creation of Parfums Jean Jacques Vivier will seduce sparkling women. Its faceted bottle Made in France is topped by an elegant cap, making of Pink Stone a perfect aesthetic and olfactive perfume. 

Jardin de Paris

A walk along the Seine, a kiss stolen on the “Pont des Arts”, the Jardin de Paris perfume is an invitation to stroll in the most beautiful city in the world. The sweetness of the floral base notes comes after the delicacy of fruity notes and citrus fruits in the head. French elegance, in an ultra feminine ecrin with its faceted bottle and its cap topped by a diamond in surlyn.


Parfums Jean Jacques Vivier reveal two ultra feminine and sophisticated elixirs : Uge Femme and Uge Soft.
The first one, red passion, reveals an oriental sweetness, mixing sweet accents of vanilla and almond, and sensuality thanks to its floral notes of pink and violet. The second, sculpted by the reflections of gold, is a great solar breath, and takes us to the seaside one summer night, thanks to its notes of jasmine, orange blossom and ylang.

Electric Love

Girl Power! Parfums Jean Jacques Vivier sign with this perfume a hyper-girly, explosive and gourmand creation. After acidulous and fruity notes, Electric Love reveals its soft flowery heart, and leaves in its wake sweet fragrances of vanilla, chocolate and caramel. A very addictive acidulous candy, which will seduce women, and men ...

Ma Fleur Pearl

Parfums Jean Jacques Vivier today light the latest launch of the Ma Fleur Collection. My Fleur Pearl is well named: a real pearl, which notes of peony and rose awake the senses. This little floral delicacy is addictive and irresistible.

Will Deep

Two years after the success of “Will for Woman”, Parfums JJV launch the "Deep" version. Lift its deep purple cap and breathe the sun: the hesperidian and fruity sparkling notes will make you fall for this little jewel. Finally, the floral accents in the base notes give all the strength and depth to this perfume.